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This course includes weekly structured exercise progressions, expert interviews covering all aspects of postpartum health, self assessment tools to measure your progress, and MUCH more!

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Working through this program has been a game changer. Jenni provides an easy-to-follow recipe for success. Without taking this course I would probably still be dealing with organ prolapse and stability issues. Thank you, Jenni for providing such a wonderful resource!

-Jilayne, Mom of 1

Mamas, can you relate?

Right now, your brain is bursting with preparing for your little one to arrive, or they have arrived and you are a bit sleep deprived and obsessed about this new little one in your life, BUT:

You are wondering how to start to get your core and pelvic floor muscles back after birth

You think about your friends who joke about leaking urine when they sneeze or jump and you do not want to struggle with that

You remember your grandmother or auntie talking about their “bladder falling out” and blaming having babies when they needed surgery

You were sympathetic to your friend when she confided in you that sex hurt every time after having her baby and you wonder if that could happen to you (It’s more than ‘you just need to relax’)

You want to return to exercise as quickly as possible after childbirth but don’t know how to determine when it is safe to return

You hear of women talking about having separated abdominals (Diastasis Recti) after pregnancy and wonder how to know if you have that too

You have spent so much time researching how to care for your newborn, that it feels overwhelming to figure out how to care for yourself

Solving your postpartum recovery on your own is not working and you need reliable, step-by-step instruction that is easy to follow and not overwhelming.

If you agree with any of the above statements, then this course is FOR YOU!

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“My first postpartum was a nightmare. I struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety and felt so overwhelmed, alone and only focused on baby, never on myself. I went into my second postpartum with this course, and it was such a HUGE game changer. It felt so empowering, not only taking time to focus on caring for myself after the intensity of pregnancy, labor & delivery, but also gaining so much knowledge about the way our bodies work postpartum. I recommend this course to every postpartum momma because it's so incredibly important to address the millions of changes we go through after giving birth - both mentally and physically!”  

-Natalie, mom of 2

What Our Mamas are Saying:

-Jovan, Mom of 3

“After giving birth to double breech twins vaginally I found myself struggling to feel “myself” again. Three months postpartum, I still found myself in constant pain and discomfort. I knew at that point I needed some help gaining my strength back because I felt my core was non-existent. I’m so glad Jenni’s course was recommended to me. I learned so much about my body that I wasn’t aware of and recovered much faster. Learning about diastasis recti and the transverse abdominus muscle were especially helpful to me. And every momma can benefit from pelvic floor exercises! You will find that you will become stronger and heal properly as you progress through the pelvic floor recovery course.” 

-Cat, Mom of 1

“When I first started this course I had no idea how important the pelvic floor was. I was only concerned with my tummy area, and hoping it would get back to normal. As the course progressed, I quickly realized how some of these symptoms that I thought were completely normal after a vaginal birth, were not really normal. It was a very educational course. I have been doing all the exercises and am feeling more like my normal self everyday. It's not easy to find the time for yourself with a newborn, but this was the best self-care I have done since having a baby! All new mommas should take this course!!  

-Anne, Mom of 3

I started the postpartum course with Jenni right after I had my third baby. You would think that at that point I would be used to the postpartum journey but my body always needed rehabilitation after pregnancies. Jenni’s course helped me understand my body more and what exactly was going on postpartum. She gave me the tools and tests to know if something was wrong or if I needed more care. The postpartum journey is a lot for a mama's body to go through and I felt empowered after gaining more knowledge of what to look out for, what’s normal, and how to assess and know when I need physical therapy to help my body along in the healing process. back to a better you. This course helped me thrive in postpartum rather than just survive.”  

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Learn From An Expert

Dr Jenni Gabelsberg is a pelvic health physical therapist of 26 years. She has dedicated her career to caring for women and men with pelvic floor disorders, educating health care professionals on the difference between common and normal pelvic health conditions, and teaches nationwide training courses for other physical therapists in pelvic and obstetric health.

She has founded and grown three PT clinics in southern California, all specializing in pelvic health conditions. Jenni strongly believes in empowerment as a tool to create substantial impact in our personal lives and in our communities. When she isn’t supporting mamas’ pelvic health, she coaches a local elementary school Girls on the Run team and is the high school Girl Scout leader. Jenni is married and lives with her three kiddos and two dogs, and loves having outdoor adventures. 

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